Wednesday, September 12, 2007

We call him Root

Did I mention that we have been trying to catch a newly strayed Pit Bull for about two weeks?

He first appeared wearing a collar with about three feet of line hanging from it, so I figured he escaped from his yard.

After a few days, the collar disappeared, but before it did, the neighbor kid got a number off of it.
He called the owners and turns out they live in South Knoxville (we live in East Knox; how the heck he got from there to here is a mystery). They said he had been gone for two weeks and that they'd be over later that afternoon.

That was about a week ago. As far as I know, they never showed (and no one wrote the number down so we can't call back).

My husband got a trapping cage from the humane society and has been baiting it every night. And every morning I go out and release well-fed raccoons and stray cats.

This dog is gorgeous. He's brown and white and his brown parts are brindled. He's got a great form and seems to have a really fine temperment.
I think of him as Ferdinand the Bull. He sits in our backyard and sniffs the air and the grass with a big smile on his face.

But the fact is, he's a Pit Bull and it's doing no good to have him running loose. I don't think he's been neutered so there's the chance that breeders/fighters will pick him up and mess his life up.
And someone might just get out a gun and shoot him if he comes onto their property where there are kids or animals.

I wish he weren't so danged smart. He will not get in that cage.

As my hunting friend said, "He's gone to school on us".

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