Saturday, September 01, 2007

I really want to know

Ok, here's a question that's been at my brain for a long time now.
You know there are "dorks" right? I'm picturing the comic book/Star Trek/Star Wars variety, but then you also have the extremely smart/socially awkward/pocket-protector group.
And there's a shared "differentness" about these folks. Different things fire up their funny bone, influence their fashion sense, peak their interest.
So my question is basically, when did the "dork" appear in society?
Were there cave man dorks? Dorks in ancient Rome? Medieval dorks? And if so, what role did they play in society? What jobs were they attracted to? Did other cultures create a name for this subset of personality types? Did they wear their togas too short or have mismatched leggings?
How many pre-twentieth-century dorks were simply lumped under the category of eccentric?

Or is the dork a by-product of technology?


Appalachian Feminist Breeder said...

Lady, i dig your blog! I have been reading back posts.

firstimpressionist said...

You will now be referred to as "Blog Reader #4".
It's quiet over here isn't it?