Thursday, September 13, 2007

In which my reading skills are validated

I found out yesterday that the novel that I selected to be considered for the Peter Taylor Prize actually won!
I feel proud like it was my kid or something that won.
I can't wait to meet the author.

It's a really good book btw. Once the news is public, I'll share more info.


Appalachian Feminist Breeder said...

Yay! it feels good to see the people who you appreciate get recognized.

PS The Parker portrait comes with a great deal of past drama. He developed one of his weird-ass obsessions which I did not reciprocate. Somewhere, I still have the letters...My best friend said she would kill me if i threw them away.

firstimpressionist said...

Poor Parker. So creative and yet so clueless. Our bookstore is full of things he bequeathed us before he moved.
I wish I had half of his artistic talent though.