Tuesday, September 25, 2007


So last week one of my regular customers came into the store with her kids. I like this girl; she reminds me of the first Sharona from the show Monk.
She was having a particularly hard time that day with the various helpless men in her life, who kept calling her on her cellphone and handing off assorted problems and tasks.
Her day was quickly turning into one big sigh and eye-roll.

In an attempt to give her a little bright spot, I slipped a kid's book that she liked into her bag.

Anyway, she came back a few days ago and handed me a little rose pin that she had made. But get this...it was needle-felted! Just the night before, I had sat down to read the first chapter of my new needle-felting book.

As it turns out, this woman, "Sharona", makes all kinds of stuff and also teaches. Plus she spins yarn and belongs to a wool guild that she invited me to sit in on. How weird is all that?

She's challenged me to have something made by her next visit. I haven't even picked up a needle yet. Yikes.


henry metcalfe said...

I think your blog and blog layout are beautiful...I will visit frequently.


Appalachian Feminist Breeder said...

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a happy belated birthday!

firstimpressionist said...

Thank you! Hittin' my stride? I sincerely hope so.