Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bookstore behavior

I noticed something today at the bookstore. We have over a hundred sections in our store and with our low walk-in traffic, most stay pretty tidy overall.
But the three sections that are continually rumpled and disorderly are cooking, sex, and religion.
Interesting, no?
The three subjects that represent the most basic human needs; all trashed every week.
What does it mean?
When people browse these sections, are they operating out of a more base part of their brain that rejects order and discipline?

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Bells and Whistles

So my new website has all these new features. Like gift certificates for example. Which so far, no one has tried to order. But today someone sent me an email wanting to purchase a gift certificate. Yikes. It's not "hard" necessarily, but it's not easy either. I have to create a category and then products within the category for each denomination. And check all the appropriate boxes for each creation.
I got 80% through on the first one, and then accidentally hit the back button and erased all my progress.

Giving up now and watching Jon Stewart ream John McCain.

Monday, April 23, 2007

When I Win the Lottery.........flat yard, riding mower?

I have to mow my yard today. I like mowing, I really do, just not my yard. Or rather, just not the backyard.
It's very steep and very large.
I'm drinking a beer right now, trying to psyche myself up. Unfortunately, the beer in my system is going to make mowing even harder.
I have to take several breaks in which I lay flat on my back in the grass and catch my breath.
It wasn't always this way.
When I first moved in, I must've been much fitter, because I could knock it out in one go. Of course at the time, I had only been smoking for a few months and I rode my mountain bike four times a week.
I'm squishier and less oxygenated now.
Stupid yard.

New Venture

A friend and I just rented a booth at an antique (vintique) mall. I've done this kind of thing a few times in the past and while I've never lost money, it's a lot of work and pressure to make sure you can at least cover rent each month.

I'm glad I'm sharing the responsibility this time around. I'm mainly doing books and she'll be doing glassware, furniture, and jewelry.
The biggest problem I'm having with the books is that nearly all my best stock is tied up online. I wish there was a way to put my online books in the booth, but there are just too many logistical problems with doing that.

Anyway, I'm excited. My mother works at this shop part-time, so I'll get to spend more time visiting with her and her friends.

After walking around the mall, I was blown away by all the creativity demonstrated by the other vendors. Beautiful homemade partitions, innovative fixtures, cozy theme rooms etc...
I wish I had a good idea for a display that's really fun, creative, and eye-catching.
As it is, I'll just use stuff I have lying around and hope it won't be too hard on the eyes.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Breathing room

My dad has his first surgery yesterday and is doing great. The doctors worked on the right side vein and inserted a shunt up through his groin to his neck. He woke up cracking jokes, flirting with the nurses and eating up a storm.

The doctors are going to keep him on Plavix (sp?) for another few weeks and see if that doesn't clear up the other vein.

My goal now is to arrange a nice day out boating on the lake with my mom and dad and my inlaws. I can just picture my dad, who's been incredibly cabin-fevery lately, having a wonderful time enjoying the sun and the beautiful views.

Friday, April 13, 2007

X-Rated Spring Cleaning

So during my vacation, I engaged in some nesting activities such as cleaning out closets, pantries and my basement and throwing away superfluous stuff.

I started on the front hall closet and among other things, I pulled out an old binocular case I picked up at a garage sale.

I imagine the case at one time held some actual binoculars, but they had since been removed and lost to some other part of the house.

Out of instinct, I reached into the case to see what might be stuffed away inside and I pulled out a worn envelope.
Inside the envelope were about twenty photos. My first thought was that I had maybe used the case to hide away/protect some stuff of mine.
Um, that wasn't the case (no pun intended).
Twenty photos of some exhibitionist dude engaging in all manner of sexual activity.

I took the envelope to my husband with all sorts of OMG and "you should see this" chatter. He began looking at them and I could tell he was at first really scared that I might be, for some ungodly reason, showing him photos of my past exploits.
I quickly reassured him that I had nothing to do with said photos and we went through the batch until we came to an unexplicable one with a tell-tale cut out.

"Wonder what the cut-out was?" we asked ourselves. My husband said it was obviously the dude's dick. I fished around in the envelope and sure enough, there was the cut-out dick.
Talk about paper dolls.

We put the batch in the garbage and raced each other to the antibacterial soap.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Vacation almost over

I have to get my husband to the airport by 5:00am tomorrow morning. Which means a really early bedtime and getting up by 4:00am.
Tomorrow is the last day of my vacation, so I'm not sure whether I'll come home and go back to bed or stay up and crash later on.

And btw, I didn't make anything today. Well, I made food. Lots of it. I made hotdogs, spaghetti, curried potatoes and shrimp over couscous, and black eyed pea salad.
I might make brownies later if I'm still awake.


I want to make something today. Lord knows I'm not short on resources and supplies, but I'm not sure what direction to go.
I really would like to make a little victorian Easter ornament, but I think it might require a styrofoam ball and some yellow or pink soft fabric and some other stuff I don't have.
I tried to draw the Dutton "Guilt-Edged" publisher colophon to turn into an iron-on transfer, but there were too many right angles and I don't know how to draw with photo-shop. I'm more of an organic free-hand drawer.
I've had these blank nesting-dolls for some years now, and I could paint them, but what would be my theme? Maybe our pets, stacked by age?
Bleh...this is one of the reasons I only went to art school for one year.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Throwing it all away

Tomorrow is the court date for our burglar. My husband is on call in the event that they need his testimony, although our video footage should be enough to cover our side.

As it turns out, the guy was on probabtion when he committed our burglary as well as the other one at which he was arrested. Plus, he's also served time before for similar offenses. This means that he's facing 12 years in prison on this current charge.

I'm really glad on the one hand. But on the other hand, it sucks to see folks throw their lives away on something as frivolous as a quick crack score. A lawnmower for god's sake.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


It took me like six months and trying on 50 pairs of jeans to find a pair that worked. I forked over my 40 dollars and looked forward to a few years of not having to worry about this issue again.
Then yesterday, I was loaded down with packages at the post office and I tripped on a curb and landed on my knee. Which means fashion-wise, that I now have three tears in my new jeans which will widen and expand with each washing.
If I were 20 years younger, I'd be elated, but as an almost 40-year old, it's pretty aggravating.
I guess I now need to learn how to iron on a patch.

Where's my Tigger tail?

It's my third day of spring vacation from work.
In past years, I've tended to build up a tremendous amount of pre-vacation energy toward accomplishing particular goals.

This year though, I'm not feeling quite as driven. There are a ton of things I want to get done, but I'm not feeling as super-charged.
Today, I'm thinking would be a good day to go buy some vegetables and herbs to plant and I'll probably do it, but in the past I would've been at the nursery at opening with my car cleaned out.

More on my dad

So the new strategy that the doctor has devised for my father is to keep him on medicine for two weeks in an attempt to dissolve some of the blockage. On the 16th, they'll inject a dye into his veins and reassess the blockage. If it's diminished enought, they will try to use shunts to open the passages. If they're still severely blocked, then they will have to operate to open up the veins.

We had dinner with my parents last night and I have to say that you'd never know my dad was ailing. He recognized all of us, made jokes, ate a big dinner and seemed to be in a really nice frame of mind.

I'm just going to do my best not to dwell on worst case scenarios. A few years back, he made it successfully through a five bypass surgery on his heart. He was wonky for a month afterward, but healed up quickly and was back on his feet much more quickly than projected.

Man, old age really has its downside.