Tuesday, April 03, 2007


It took me like six months and trying on 50 pairs of jeans to find a pair that worked. I forked over my 40 dollars and looked forward to a few years of not having to worry about this issue again.
Then yesterday, I was loaded down with packages at the post office and I tripped on a curb and landed on my knee. Which means fashion-wise, that I now have three tears in my new jeans which will widen and expand with each washing.
If I were 20 years younger, I'd be elated, but as an almost 40-year old, it's pretty aggravating.
I guess I now need to learn how to iron on a patch.


Anonymous said...

what brand did you decide to buy? I'm always looking for a great jean.

firstimpressionist said...

I used to fit nicely into (don't laugh) the No Boundaries line sold at Walmart. Good fit and a nice variety of styles to mix it up and only 17.00.
This year though, they're all inane with sparkles, stitched flowers and flare legs.

So I ended up with (no surprise) some basic low cut Levis. Stretch fabric, boot cut, 515's I think.

I just couldn't believe how many stores I had to shop in order find the right Levi's for me.

I found this pair at JCPenney's. Penney's had a few other good-looking brands as well, but all the inseams were too long.

katie allison granju said...

Old Navy, boot cut, low rise with a touch of stretch. They are divine