Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Counting down

The big deal bookdealer will be here in twenty minutes. House is clean. Books are displayed nicely. Lightbulbs changed for optimal viewing. One beer down to relax my nerves.

I keep trying to prepare from the perspective of her having just left and me being racked with "I should've's".
I feel pretty good.


Sunday, August 26, 2007

Hannah Freaking Montana

Wow, this Hannah Montana trend is crazy.
My sister called me Friday to tell me that she would be busy Saturday morning and would I log on and try to get 4 tickets for my niece and her friends.
I went next door to the Disc Exchange and asked my friend/employees if they could hold any tickets back for me. The manager said she would try to hold two, but "no guarantees".
I got up Saturday morning and logged on and bought four tickets. Seemed pretty straight-forward.
I find out otherwise later.
There was a line outside the Disc Exchange about an eighth of a mile long and only the first five people in line got tickets.
And from what I heard from the DE employees, nobody they knew got any tickets online.
So what happened to me was some kind of weirdass miracle fluke.
Thank god.
My sister called me later to verify "Did you REALLY get the tickets?!" because none of the 30+ friends of hers who logged online that morning got anything.
I have a verification number, so I assume I'm good.
If I were my sister, I'd just sell the tickets for like a thousand dollars; buy my niece a video and CD and put the money into a college fund.

End of the day beer is good

Lots of things are happening and coming together in a good way.
First, we were going to buy a house and then we didn't. But along the way, we rented a storage unit to begin to put unused items into.
Then I packed up all my personal books and put them into storage.
Then I get a call from a bigtime bookdealer who wants to come by my house to shop.
So now, I have all my shelves free to set up the books for her to browse, without having to traipse through my bedroom.
Then I had to close my antique mall booth which gives me two great new bookcases to set up in my house.
Then my husband buys a truck which makes it easier to move all kinds of things.
Then I get his car which is great, because my car was on the verge of crapping out.
And that gives us a decoy car to leave at home when we aren't there, so as to thwart thieves.
Which is great, because my husband will have to do some more travelling soon.
On the whole, I'm happy and optimistic, but admittedly worn out from moving so much stuff.
I love good positive change.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Yet another pet peeve

So I've been looking and looking at real estate lately. And poring over photos of interiors of homes. And I'm going along, looking at a perfectly decent house that has honest potential and some precious Dolly Dingle has befouled every window with sheer ruffled curtains.
I see the same contamination with the majority of rental cabins in the Smokies as well.
Perfectly nice place to stay and then BAM; you're hit with trailer park aesthetics.
I don't get the appeal of Ruffled Curtains.
The house I own presently came with a set on each window and the previous owner made a big deal of bequeathing them to me as part of the conveyence.
I conveyed them quickly to the garbage can.

Crazy Day

Yesterday, I followed my husband over to a repair shop because the alternator on his car had gone bad. We came back home in my car and I then headed downtown to run an errand. When I got into my car to come home, my Low Coolant light came on. I just barely made it into a convenient store parking lot when steam started pouring out of the vents.
I called my husband and he offered to ride over on his bike. He shows up 20 minutes later and we realize after filling the coolant tank and starting the car up, that the problem is more serious. So we call a tow truck. In the meantime, this is not a convenient store at which you want to be for more than maybe five minutes. While we were there, a sting operation went down out front and a guy was handcuffed and taken in.
The towtruck got there pretty fast though, and we rode over with him to a nearby mechanic. Dropped my car off and walked up to the brewery, had a few beers and ran into another friend who's car just happened to be in a nearby shop.

Anyway, all in all, very weird timing. That both my and my husband's cars would end up out of commission on the same day and that just when we needed a ride to pick one of them up, a friend's car is within walking distance.

My car's damage is a busted heater coil? core? I reckon I'll have it fixed.

Monday, August 13, 2007

In which the small business owner is confused

Like I said a while back, I finally officially registered my business this year. So I got my "Business License and Tax Report" as well as another form that requires filling out and mailing back, and danged if I can make heads or tails out of either one of them.
So I have to go downtown today and get someone to sit down with me and help me so that I'm not pummeled with an audit or fine.
I also got an annual inventory form to fill out. I swear I already filled one out a few months ago.
They are really interested in my stuff.
I wonder maybe if I can de-register my business. Sales are pretty low the last few months and technically fall below the licensing requirements.
I'm just hating all this paperwork.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Even More Twisty Twist

We are not buying the house. Way too much pressure to synchronize selling our home and meeting the seller's needs on their closing date.
And you know what?
I feel good about it.

Honestly, as much as I don't like things about my present house, this economy is making me jittery. I'm not sure that it's a good time to be taking on a new mortgage.
We're going to continue to shop though.

Thursday, August 09, 2007


I mentioned the great new house. You know what comes with that entree of great new house? A side dish of having to sell my present crappy home in one month. There will be no sleeping for quite some time.
We think we have leads and fortunately we can afford to sell this house at a loss and be ok. Fingers crossed.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Word of Advice

When shopping for a mortgage, never ever ever submit your information to LendingTree.com.
You will rue the day.

Monday, August 06, 2007


I can't believe how much your life can change in one weekend.
We just bought a kickass house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah, and my husband just got a call out of the blue with a job offer that would double his salary.

And thirdly, I just bought the best batch of kid's books of my 14 year career.

w00t, w00t, and woot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Fight Club

After watching Fight Club last night:

"So I guess the whole point of the movie is that if you don't sleep, you can sure get a lot done."

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Buy it already!!

There is some goofus that has looked at a particular book on my website now 52 times. Over the course of a week.
If this were a really expensive book, I would understand. But this is a $6.00 dollar book.
It's driving me crazy.

Free Samples

I honestly believe that there are two recipes for most any product; the one that fills a full-size container at the store and one that goes into free samples.
And guess what?
The free sample recipe is better.
You know why? Because that is how they hook you.