Sunday, August 26, 2007

Hannah Freaking Montana

Wow, this Hannah Montana trend is crazy.
My sister called me Friday to tell me that she would be busy Saturday morning and would I log on and try to get 4 tickets for my niece and her friends.
I went next door to the Disc Exchange and asked my friend/employees if they could hold any tickets back for me. The manager said she would try to hold two, but "no guarantees".
I got up Saturday morning and logged on and bought four tickets. Seemed pretty straight-forward.
I find out otherwise later.
There was a line outside the Disc Exchange about an eighth of a mile long and only the first five people in line got tickets.
And from what I heard from the DE employees, nobody they knew got any tickets online.
So what happened to me was some kind of weirdass miracle fluke.
Thank god.
My sister called me later to verify "Did you REALLY get the tickets?!" because none of the 30+ friends of hers who logged online that morning got anything.
I have a verification number, so I assume I'm good.
If I were my sister, I'd just sell the tickets for like a thousand dollars; buy my niece a video and CD and put the money into a college fund.

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