Sunday, June 20, 2010


This is the first time I've seen this cute little book. This copy was obviously well-loved; it's barely held together at the hinge with brittle scotch tape. This is a Bonnie book and was published by Samuel Lowe in 1949. It's about a week in the life of Angel Children. Originally it came with a little puzzle (thus explaining the squiggly jigsaw lines on the front cover), but the puzzle is long gone.

"Angel Children are little things
With fairy ways
and fairy wings.
They sleep in the clouds;
and they live up high
along with birds
in the big blue SKY-"

"On MONDAY morning
early and bright
They gather the dew
That came in the night."

"TUESDAY they iron from morning till noon
With half a star on the quarter moon".

"On WEDNESDAY an owl old and wise
With smooth brown feathers
And big round eyes,
Comes up from the earth
And with manner mild,
Teaches lessons
To each Angel Child".

"On THURSDAY morning
They're up with the larks
To build a fire of lightning sparks

Then all day long
They mix and bake
Very delicious

"On FRIDAY they're all
As busy as bees
Up on ladders
And down on knees

And then on SATURDAY
Everyone goes down to earth
In his nicest clothes".

"They all like SUNDAYS best, I think
'Cause they wear little robes of blue and pink
And then with their song books
Containing the words,
THey sing with a chorus of little birds."

"So an Angel Child works,
And sometimes he plays,
But he always has perfectly

And if sometimes you'l watch
When the sky is REAL blue
Maybe you'll see one