Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Crazy Day

Yesterday, I followed my husband over to a repair shop because the alternator on his car had gone bad. We came back home in my car and I then headed downtown to run an errand. When I got into my car to come home, my Low Coolant light came on. I just barely made it into a convenient store parking lot when steam started pouring out of the vents.
I called my husband and he offered to ride over on his bike. He shows up 20 minutes later and we realize after filling the coolant tank and starting the car up, that the problem is more serious. So we call a tow truck. In the meantime, this is not a convenient store at which you want to be for more than maybe five minutes. While we were there, a sting operation went down out front and a guy was handcuffed and taken in.
The towtruck got there pretty fast though, and we rode over with him to a nearby mechanic. Dropped my car off and walked up to the brewery, had a few beers and ran into another friend who's car just happened to be in a nearby shop.

Anyway, all in all, very weird timing. That both my and my husband's cars would end up out of commission on the same day and that just when we needed a ride to pick one of them up, a friend's car is within walking distance.

My car's damage is a busted heater coil? core? I reckon I'll have it fixed.

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jonathanhickman said...

I was craving the grill last night. It was all I could think about.

And last week I spent $800 on a brake job. Does that count?