Sunday, August 26, 2007

End of the day beer is good

Lots of things are happening and coming together in a good way.
First, we were going to buy a house and then we didn't. But along the way, we rented a storage unit to begin to put unused items into.
Then I packed up all my personal books and put them into storage.
Then I get a call from a bigtime bookdealer who wants to come by my house to shop.
So now, I have all my shelves free to set up the books for her to browse, without having to traipse through my bedroom.
Then I had to close my antique mall booth which gives me two great new bookcases to set up in my house.
Then my husband buys a truck which makes it easier to move all kinds of things.
Then I get his car which is great, because my car was on the verge of crapping out.
And that gives us a decoy car to leave at home when we aren't there, so as to thwart thieves.
Which is great, because my husband will have to do some more travelling soon.
On the whole, I'm happy and optimistic, but admittedly worn out from moving so much stuff.
I love good positive change.

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