Monday, April 23, 2007

New Venture

A friend and I just rented a booth at an antique (vintique) mall. I've done this kind of thing a few times in the past and while I've never lost money, it's a lot of work and pressure to make sure you can at least cover rent each month.

I'm glad I'm sharing the responsibility this time around. I'm mainly doing books and she'll be doing glassware, furniture, and jewelry.
The biggest problem I'm having with the books is that nearly all my best stock is tied up online. I wish there was a way to put my online books in the booth, but there are just too many logistical problems with doing that.

Anyway, I'm excited. My mother works at this shop part-time, so I'll get to spend more time visiting with her and her friends.

After walking around the mall, I was blown away by all the creativity demonstrated by the other vendors. Beautiful homemade partitions, innovative fixtures, cozy theme rooms etc...
I wish I had a good idea for a display that's really fun, creative, and eye-catching.
As it is, I'll just use stuff I have lying around and hope it won't be too hard on the eyes.

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