Monday, September 10, 2007

Afterward we played skeeball

My husband and I drove to the mountains today ostensibly in search of new man pants, but somehow we never got around to that.
We did however, go bungee-jumping.
I've always wanted to give myself the opportunity to do that and wasn't sure how I would be on the actual diving board part.
I'm happy to say, I did just fine. I jumped on the second "one, two, three".

Ok, that was great and all, but what pissed me off were the employees.
I mean, statistically I could get hurt or die, right?
And what are they doing? Yawn, yawn...big party last night...must lay frat boy head down on wooden shelf and close frat boy eyes.
Not just one of them, but TWO were napping at their station.
These are the dudes who outfit and strap customers in.

I mean, come on, they could at least have some of those glasses with "wide-awake" eyes painted on them just to make me feel like I'm worth some effort.

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