Sunday, September 23, 2007

Having a beer gut is so much easier

I've had a gym membership for about 4 or 5 years now. At first I amazed myself by how often I went. I mentally did the math every day on my way home and figured I'd have it all down to pennies a visit in no time.


Rather, in no time, I have ceased visiting at all.
I did get up my momentum a few months ago and started going a few days a week and it felt good. But then some twit of a desk dude decided to make me his personal greeting project.

It went something like this:

Me: Walking in, 6:30am, still sleepy.
Him: HEY there! How are you this morning?
Me: Mumble mumble good fine.
Him: Don't like to talk much do you? Gotta a big workout planned? Well, ok then, enjoy your work-out!

Me: Leaving, 7:20am, trying to avoid the notice of desk dude on my way out the door.
Him: Not gonna say bye? Did you have a good work-out? What did you do? Cardio? Weights? You're shy aren't you? Heading home? Oh, work? Where do you work? You like to read? So you're a bookworm huh? Little grumpy this morning, are ya?

So I encountered the dude about three or four times and just didn't want to go back.
Stupid I know. But come on; I just want to walk in the door, wave my barcode tag and go have a quiet workout.
I don't need to be "drawn out" or coddled.
He really bugged the crap out of me.

So, I've decided to cancel my membership, seeing as how I'm really not using it and also seeing as how something so petty can throw me off my workout course.
I've decided instead to travel down another well-worn "throw your money away" path; that being a home workout machine.
In this case, just a cross-trainer thingy with a digital readout.
I'm gonna put it in the basement and get my husband to hook up a tv down there so that working out won't be so boring.

You can already see the dust gathering on the machine in your mind, can't you?

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Appalachian Feminist Breeder said...

Oh Lawdy. I do feel your pain. That kind of chit-chat drives me bonkers.