Thursday, September 13, 2007

A month ago I wrangled a snake in science fiction

10:20: Arrive at work.
10:21: Approach front door and notice something on the walkway.Realize it is a hornet nest covered in hornets.
10:22: Walk around to the other side of the ramp and let myself in the store. Put stuff down on counter. Monitor walkway and think about solutions. "What would the croc hunter do?"
10:24: Run and get a large thick plastic cup. Squat near nest and gauge hornets reactions when I move the cup near their heads.
10:25: Decide that I am chickenshit.
10:26 Phone rings and I have to go inside to answer it.
10:27 Co-worker arrives. I frantically wrap up phone conversation and manage to stop co-worker just in time from stepping on nest with flip flops.
10:28 Mailman offers to stomp nest. I decline offer.
10:29 Co-worker runs to business next door in search of poison.
10:30 I fashion a rope handle at the bottom of the plastic cup, hook it at the end of a long broom handle and slowly lower cup down over nest. Success!
10:31 Examine new situation. Realize it's still scary. Hornets are completely pissed at cup.
10:32 Slide cardboard under cup. Tape cup to cardboard to prevent transportation accidents. Walk cup through store to back door.
Open door. Tear off some tape. Fling whole package hard and fast. Close door.
10:32 Turn around and notice mouse carcass on floor behind me. Sigh.

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Missyb64 said...

OMG!!! I am rolling with laughter. I used my pennyloafer to kill a mouse one day at work, because I have a bad nature I guess. We have a post like this about Snake Removal on our blog "The House of Flying Monkeys". Nothing like wildlife to give you just that!

Love your blog!