Sunday, February 25, 2007

What a nice day

Wow, my hand is almost normal today with no additional medication. I even worked on installing new screens today for about a frustrating hour and a half and it didn't cause a flare up.
This still begs the question of what in the world caused my hand to get so wacky to begin with. Hopefully the test results will point at something concrete.

In other news, my husband came home unexpectedly today! Ironically, his hand gave out this morning, (along with being generally burned out after two weeks on the road with no time off), and he drove home to be with me for a day or two. YAY!.

We had a nice dinner at the brewery and watched a movie together. It's great having him home. The animals think so too. They're all vying(sp) for his attention.

So, we'll get a bunch of long overdue laundry done and get him back on the road good as new. I gave him some of my Celebrex for his stiff hand and and it's better already. Good stuff. Timely huh?

Good day.

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