Saturday, February 24, 2007

The mystery pain continues

I went to a walk-in clinic this morning and managed to baffle the attending physician with my hand.

I woke up this morning and it was the worst yet. I couldn't touch my hand against anything without experiencing searing pain. It was tremendously swollen and curled over on itself.

The doctor took a bunch of blood to run various tests as well as three x-rays to look for a potential fracture. They didn't see any obvious fractures, so it's down to the tests. He says he might recommend me to an orthopedic specialist this coming week if it doesn't start getting better.

I got some Celebrex for the swelling and hydrocodone for the pain. I have to say, Thank God for Celebrex! It's 8:00pm now and although my hand is still kind of swollen, I can use it with only a minimum of pain. I made dinner and washed the dishes and I'm not miserable. I haven't even had to touch the hydrocodone. I might take one before bed so that I don't wake up at 3:00am all hurty.

I just want to know what the heck this is all about. I'm really scared that it might turn out to be some kind of nascent recurring arthritic condition. If so, I have to say I have a HUGE new appreciation for the pain that arthritis sufferers go through. I don't know how they get through a day.
Since I'm adopted I don't know if that kind of thing runs in my family. I'll have to ask my birthmother next time she calls.

Anyway, I'm so glad I went to a doctor today instead of having to deal with this until Monday. I have medicine!! Yay!

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