Friday, February 23, 2007

In which there is an attempt to silence me

I've somehow screwed up my right hand. Possibly while I was sleeping.
I say sleeping, because I really have absolutely idea how it got this way and I noticed my finger hurting first right after waking up.

The day before yesterday, I just thought it was my pinkie finger. Then yesterday, it got a little worse. Today I woke up and can barely use my hand. It hurts to hold a pencil and I can't comfortably type anything with with a P, ", ], or ?. Ow.
Maybe the universe is trying to curtail my attempts at communication.

I can't figure out if something is broken, sprained or dislocated.


Anonymous said...

My husbands buddy woke up last week with so much pain in his anlke that he could barely even walk-and he had not fallen or heart it in any way before he went to sleep.I had him elevate it and put some ice on it and it was better in about 4 days.Weird...He went to the Dr. and nothing was found to be wrong.I hope you feel better!

firstimpressionist said...

I woke up today and it's worse than ever. The whole side of my hand is swollen and stiff and hurts like hell.

I'm hoping I can get an x-ray and see if there's a stress fracture.

It seems to be centered at the outer edge of my hand right at that first palm line.

I spent all last night trying to find a comfortable position to sleep in, and terrified that one of my animals would step on it.