Wednesday, February 21, 2007

It could've been worse

To do: Make copies of my house key.

I came home the other night and watched horrified as my key broke off in the door lock.
Thankfully I had successfully unlocked the deadbolt first. The key broke in the door handle lock and miraculously managed to turn and open.

For a split second before I twisted the knob, I took in the situation: a houseful of animals waiting to be fed and let outside, a husband who's out of town for several more weeks, and no key to drive and make a copy of. At least it wasn't 20 degrees.

I've been unlocking the doors much more gingerly now until I can get to a keysmith. I walked all over the mall tonight trying to find a place to make a copy, but it seems you can't get that done at the mall these days. I could've gone to Walmart, but really didn't want to.

But yeah, I'm going to get like five copies made and make sure I don't put myself in that situation again.

A related question: How do you get half a key out of your lock? I've tried a really strong magnet and tweezers, but I can't get it to come out more than a sixteenth of an inch. Any ideas? I don't trust myself to take the knob apart and get it back on properly.


jonathan hickman said...

Probably your best bet is to take the doorknob off (usu a 30 second job) and take it to a locksmith (or replace it altogether, depending on how nice it is to begin with). If you're free during the day, the best place in Ktown is FM George, on Central. There might be a True Value nearer you, though, that would do it. I don't know what all they do in those places.

Pretty funny, though. I have several copies of my key, but all of them are in the house. I'd hate to have to break a window.

jonathan hickman said...

Oh, you said you don't trust yourself.

It's really no big deal to take it off the door, depending on what kind it is. Usually, you're talking a few screws.

Door knobs are easy.

firstimpressionist said...

I know my husband can do it, no problem, but I seem to have inherited my dad's bad tech karma.

Well maybe not as bad as my dad. He used to have meltdowns when a flashlight's battery died. He thought all technology was against him.

jon said...

I guess you could always go in and out the back door till he returns.

firstimpressionist said...

Hey, that's exactly what I'm doing. And if that gets screwed up, there's always the basement.