Friday, February 16, 2007

Another snow tease

We have a good chance of snow tomorrow. I really enjoy stocking up with provisions and anticipating a nice safe day or two stuck at home.

I have beer, food for myself and all the animals, a newly repaired furnace, a new delivery of firewood, a ton of good books, a few good movies and if there's anything I've overlooked, I'm within walking distance of several general stores.
All I'm missing is my husband.

He took off on the 15th for the next leg of his job. He's in Charleston tonight. He has about 50+ stores to outfit with cameras and software and probably won't be back for two or three weeks.

I always enjoy the first day he's gone in my own perverse way. You know, you don't have to worry about what the other person wants for dinner, whether they want to go out when you want to stay in, I can watch whatever I want on tv and uh, well, that's about it.

After that first day though, it's all downhill. We'll be missing each other pretty hardcore as time goes on.
His plan is to make his way to the farthest eastern points of North Carolina and work his way back, so that when the homesickness gets overwhelming, he'll be within a day's drive of home.

So while I'm here enjoying some snow (I hope), I'll be worrying about him driving through other snowy areas and wishing he was here.

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