Thursday, February 15, 2007

On the 15th of February, my true love is not here

I woke up this morning to a non-working furnace, a backed-up toilet and no internet.

The internet was easy; I just restarted the router.
The toilet took about half an hour (I think maybe the sewer lines were frozen?), but I got it working.
The furnace had to wait until I found out what kind of time I could take off from work today to meet a repairman.
I called KUB, who has fixed my furnace before and they said a guy could meet me around 12:30. I drove home and met the guy, took him to the basement and he immediately fingered a piece of broken PVC and said he couldn't touch my furnace. "Policy".

The PVC in question is simply a condensation line and has nothing to do with the repair in question and poses no hazard. It just vents moisture and doesn't even do anything in the winter. It's been that way for two years and I've had KUB over before to work around it.
This guy just kept stubbornly repeating "policy" and left.

So I scramble and call a random guy from the phone book. He says that KUB has done that to at least three people he's talked to this week. He says he can come over within the hour and diagnose the problem.

He keeps his word and finds out what part needs replacing, but he has other calls and I have to get back to work. He said he'd come back by after I got home at 7:30.

It's 8:00 now and he's still not here. I'm freezing my ass off. Not sure when it would be impolite to call him and make sure he remembers me.

I'm down to my last wheelbarrow of firewood, which should get me through the night. I've got another rick coming in the morning, so at least I know I can stay warm if I can't get this thing fixed in the next few days.

Ok, just called dude and he's on his way from Maryville. Yay!

Oh btw, "dude's" name is Roger Ogle and he's in the phone book.
I'll let you know how the repair goes.

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