Monday, March 05, 2007

The unmentioned and unmentionables

Although I've been known to be avoidant, neglectful and not on top of the social graces, I have to say here that none of those qualities are responsible for my lack of blog links.
I simply don't know how to put them on this site.
I've tried. Really. I just can't figure out how to do this.
So for the those that have linked to me on their sites, thank you, and eventually I'll figure this out.

In other news, I think my washing machine is singing it's final torch song. It's kind of a painful aged whine with a few clanks thrown in.
As much laundry as I do, I guess it's probably about time.

The previous owners of this house designed it so that the washer hook-up is in the kitchen. Good as far as convenience, but not so good as far as aesthetics. You don't exactly want to see a big laundry bin full of dirty unmentionables when you're preparing a meal.

But along the same lines, you ideally wouldn't be seeing tumbleweeds of pet hair float across the floor either.
My style is to routinely take care of the sanitation conditions in the house that fall in the elevations between my waist and head.
Whatever is going on at the foot level gets tackled thoroughly about once a month. And anything going on in the ceiling corners gets addressed maybe twice a year.

You gotta have some level of tunnel vision when you live with so many animals.

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