Saturday, March 31, 2007

Sunday Corn-flakes

For years now, I've done a lot of "new-agey" type of reading. And basically the bottom line seems to be that the universe's main law is that of attraction.

Every single thought that we focus on has it's own vibration and that vibration seeks its match and draws that thing toward us.

Sometimes what we attract can be quite literal but more often, what we attract, whether it's something that appears as negative or positive, comes into our lives to bring us closer to focusing more clearly on our ideal goals.

For example, the house I currently own is not a house that fits me or my husband. But because living in it helps us focus more clearly on what we don't want in a house, we can sharpen our vision of what we do want. And supposedly if we do that with a strong belief in what is possible, without muddying the waters with a lot of doubt or competing negative vibrations, we will attract a more ideal situation.

I know there are of lot of obviously undesirable situations that we observe every day that make this law of attraction seem ridiculous, but I still believe in the truth of it.

We're all artists who are ultimately in control of our creation from moment to moment. We create with our energy and our thoughts and the vibrations we are generating.

I think this is the idea behind prayer, except that prayer usually takes place amidst a lot of fear and uncertainty and thus often negates the desired outcome.

So prepare for that which you want, dwell on it, expect it, try to generate the feeling you'll have when you arrive at that goal and know that it's on the way.

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