Friday, March 09, 2007

No longer going it alone

So along with the wonderful weather, springtime also brings a host of financial juggling. I figured up my taxes in January and they are huge. So now, thanks to help from my husband, I have three fourths of the total, but still a big hunk to go.

This would be fine if spring weren't also the BIG season for bookdealers. All the large charity booksales and estate sales are going on right now and are quickly draining my bank account. I'm finding lots of terrific books, but I have to keep an eye on April 15. Right now I am flat broke until next Friday and that sucks.
I'm listing books as fast as I can in hopes that I'll generate some online sales between now and then.

My husband and I typically keep our incomes and accounts separate, but when one of us needs to lean on the other, we're all about helping each other out. I hate that the burden has fallen on my husband this go round though. He's been great about giving me whatever I need to buy books and pay bills until I'm flush again.

I've never had anyone to rely on financially before and it's a little weird. I like to take care of my own expenses and bills, but I have to say that it's nice to be married and know that the money is "our money" and that we're both working toward the same goals.

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