Saturday, March 31, 2007


I think I've mentioned before that my father has Alzheimer's. He stays at home mostly with my mom looking after him. And these days his life is comprised of mainly sitting at home and watching television. Don't get me wrong; my mom takes excellent care of him, cooking him healthy meals, making sure he makes his doctor's appointments and takes his medicine each day.
He went for a vascular ultrasound this week and the doctor found that my dad has two blocked arteries to the brain. So the doctor recommended that my mother check him into the hospital that same day so that he could be scheduled for surgery as soon as possible. Meaning, he could have a stroke at any moment if left untreated.

My mom took him to the hospital that afternoon (yesterday) and after waiting for over two hours, found out that the hospital had never received my dad's file or the scary ultrasound.
The surgeon sent him home with some medicine and told him to come back on Monday.

See, I think if I had been the surgeon, I would've checked my dad in for monitoring and ordered a new ultrasound.
I can't believe they just sent him home. So now we're all going to spend an agonizing weekend knowing that my dad could keel over at any minute.

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