Saturday, March 10, 2007

Kids these days......

I'm watching an MTV reality show about youngun's in debt and I have to say, it's doing wonders for my peace of mind, regarding my own debt.

My husband and I together owe a tiny fraction of what one of these girls owe as far as credit card debt.
We're both pretty anal retentive and guilt ridden about getting debt paid down ASAP.
These MTV girls are mind-bogglingly idiotic about how they handle their finaces.
Each has at least 20,000 in credit card debt with practically nothing significant to show for it. Clothes, IPOD's, living room furniture, eating out etc...
I have a hard enough time dealing with being in my insignificant debt hole; I can't imagine how it feels to be like three, five or ten years in the hole.

I do worry about this next generation. Obviously I understand that any reality tv I watch is skewed toward the extreme, but I see these kids and they're all so superficially focused. Music, clothes, gadgets, accessories, and an incredibly strong sense of narcissism.

I predict in the next coming generations that debt levels, clinical depression levels and suicide rates will be on the rise.

I realize that's a pretty big leap of deduction (and there are a lot more factors I'm considering), but I really don't think it's that far off the mark.

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