Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I love the little old Rand McNally picture books. Eventually, a book in this format became part of the Junior Elf line, but this one predates that. This story is by Marian Kennedy and illustrated by Edith Reichman.
I love the use of primary colors and the friendly rounded style of the drawings. They bring to mind the word "jolly".
(I guess this book also predates the common knowledge that chocolate is bad for dogs.)

This little dog is Cooky. He has a wiggly tail. He has floppy ears. He belongs to Billy. Cooky likes dog biscuits. He likes milk. But he LOVES cookies.

One morning Cooky ate all his dog biscuits. He drank all his milk. He was still hungry. He sat up and barked. Billy laughed. He opened the cooky jar. The jar was empty.

Cooky was sad, but decided to trot over to Molly's house. But Molly was out of cookies. Then he trotted over to Sally's house and scratched on the screen door. But Sally was all out of cookies.

Cooky went to sit under a tree and presently caught wind of a familiar smell. He ran down the street, past the meat market, past the school, past the grocery store and around a corner, he found a bakery.

He scratched at the door, but everyone was too busy baking to hear him. He could smell hundreds and thousands and millions of cookies. But he couldn't get inside.

By and by a big yellow truck drove up and out hopped the driver. "What do you want?", he asked. Cooky sat up and barked. He rolled over and over. And he stood on his hind legs and danced.

"My goodness!", said the truck driver. He took out a box of cookies. He gave Cooky a big one, a small one, a fat one, a thin one, a hard one, a soft one, a ginger one, and a chocolate one.

After Cooky had eaten his fill, the truck driver took him to the police station where they found Billy and his daddy, waiting.

Cooky was very tired after running so far. He was very sleepy after eating so many cookies. All the afternoon, he lay asleep under the tree in his yard. He smiled in his sleep as he dreamed of cookies.

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Stevie B said...

I recently found a copy of this wonderful book which I have loved since childhood; I bought it immediately and was delightfully surprised upon reading it for the first time as an adult how true to life the character of a dog it is. The art work is the other treasure contained in it. Thank you for posting it on your website!

Stephen Bricker
El Paso, Texas