Sunday, April 19, 2009

House Full of Prayers

When I was in fourth grade, I went through a phase in which I would spend most of my class-time making poor man's pop-ups. I would fold a sheet of notebook paper in half, then draw a scene on the top page; usually a diver and a treasure trunk at the bottom of the ocean or an attic and a treasure trunk (I rocked the treasure trunk theme).

Once I had my scene established, I would run a ball-point pen around the outside rim of the trunk lid until the paper would tear easily (no x-acto blades for fourth graders, I did it prison style) and then walla! you had a hinged lid!

Underneath the hinged lid, I'd do my best to draw all manner of enticing baubles and pirate booty. It wasn't very impressive, but it did pass the time and keep my imagination busy. I fancied I might even be a paper engineer one day, although I didn't know the term at that time.

I bring all this up because of a book I just acquired. Published in 1952 by The Standard Publishing Company and illustrated by Vera Kennedy Gohman, it is the grown-up, polished, x-acto blade version of my childhood endeavors (with a fair bit of 1950's sexism thrown in for good measure).

Here we have the sweet charming home of Tommy, Sally, baby, Mother, Daddy and Spot:

And when we peel back the walls, we see what everyone is busy with this fine day:

Down the street is the playground where Tommy and Sally play with their friends:

A sandbox is almost like a treasure trunk:

At suppertime, Mother pulls out all the stops. I don't know if I can scan under the flaps on this one, so I will tell you that the dinner consists of a whole turkey under a silver dome, corn on the cob under a ceramic dome, toast under a dome and cake under a cake dome. Either the pop-up person here was using the domes as a device to engage the reader in this picture or mom really racked up at her bridal shower:

This family never forgets that God is watching. Mother is playing "God is Love" on the piano and if you lift the flap, her next songbook is "Songs About Jesus". Dad gives the girls five choices of religious reading material before bed.

And now it's time to say good-night:

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Mary M said...

Oh my, I LOVED this book! I have my copy - it's in really bad shape - missing flaps,e tc. but so many memories.