Sunday, April 05, 2009

Mouse at Home

This little gem, despite its many torn pages and library markings, now has a place in my personal collection. I think once you see the illustrations, you'll understand why.
The story and illustrations are by Mary DeBall Kwitz.
A quick Google search tells me that she's written somewhere in the neighborhood of twenty books, but this one seems to be more difficult to find.

Look how cute a mouse can be as she's doing her spring cleaning (her curtains are made of cobwebs):

Here she is watering her Spring garden (with a tiny red bow on her tail):

"On the fourth of July, she hung out her flag and watched a brilliant display of fireflies":

"She carved a jack-o-lantern (being sure to save the seeds) and scared the neighbors:

And as the year draws to an end, she celebrates Christmas, sings carols and prepares for the New Year:

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