Friday, April 03, 2009

The Golden Christmas Book

We'll start with one that many of you might be familiar with. The Golden Christmas Book by Gertrude Crampton.
I picked up this copy at a library sale because it's one my customers are frequently asking for. As you can see, this copy has a number of problems. The spine is missing, the laminate is peeling and there are scribble and crayon marks throughout the text.
But also scattered throughout the book are these gems:

There's Grandma Glitten and Her Kitten (and mittens):
(I'm a sucker for an illustration featuring a cute cat as you'll quickly learn)

This next one is from a short story called The Cuckoo in the Clock.
It's about a cuckoo who desperately wants to see Santa, but because he only pops out quickly and is forced to bow each time, he misses out on all the festivities. His mice and spider friends vow to help hold open the cuckoo clock door for him on Christmas Eve and he cuckoos his little heart out fifty-four times to see Santa unloading presents until he is completely worn out. What a cute story!:

Here's Toinette, who learns that being invisible comes with some harsh lessons:

I'll now leave you with a Christmas riddle:

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