Sunday, April 26, 2009

Peter Rabbit

With this copy of Peter Rabbit illustrated by Leonard Weisgard, we get to see what a previous owner did when a book became shabby.
Normally, I wouldn't bother saving a worn copy of this edition because it's fairly common and easy to replace, but this copy is special.

First the owner punched three holes along the spine that go completely through the book and put little clip rings in each hole, making the book like a notebook, capable of expanding to fit all the projects inside. (I took the rings out in the scans, so I could fit the book on the scanner bed flat).

The cover itself wasn't altered, but as we go through the book, we find lots of enhancements.

Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cotton-Tail now have cloth dresses (well, two of them do anyway):

Peter now a has a red cloth scarf and his radish has been fleshed out as well with felt:

I love the use of a woven placemat to simulate Mr. MacGregor's garden fence:

And the onionsack netting to show how trapped Peter is:

The watering can has been covered with tinfoil and the spout, with a clear layer of shiny glue. The handles of the farm tools are pipe-cleaners:

Once Peter finally arrives home, he is tucked under a nice blue cloth blanket and his momma has a pretty lavender ribbon on her bonnet:


RonnieRabbit said...

I love all your old books but this has to be my favourite :)

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