Monday, July 30, 2007

Starting Fresh

I spend a lot of time in my office when I'm at home. Funny to think that this room started out the first year as junk room with ugly blue carpet. (Aside: the previous owner of my house was cuckoo for robin's egg blue and stark white. And sheer fluffy window treatments. On top of those precious qualities, she's a Glamour Shots addict as well.)Back to musing...

Then I rented it to a friend of mine for a few years.
Then it was my iguana's bedroom.
And now it's an office thanks to my husband's ability to wire it for internet and phone.

There are kid's books that I get and figure I should put them online and I make a pile and feel ambitious. Then after a couple of beers, I start fishing out only the most fun and clean of these books and leave the ugly ones and boring ones.
Pretty soon, my office is full of ugly and worn and boring kid's books with clumps of dust and pet hair clinging to them.
And that makes me feel tired and the neglectful attitude spreads to everything else in my office.

Today, however, I finally took some time and got my office back on track.

Good thing #1:
I found a good place to set up these cool cat perches that I bought on QVC. I put one on either side of a wooden loveseat frame that is presently minus its cushions. The cats think it's pretty groovy.

Cat Hostel

Good thing #2:
I sorted all the books into three boxes; antique mall bound, bookstore bound, and those to be catalogued at home.

Good thing #3:
I dusted and dusted and took out the trash.

Good thing #4:
I had a private hissy fit last night and finally threw out my old tv; the one that makes watching tv like being half-blind in a dimly lit pumpkin.
The good part of that is that I put in a different tv that is a normal tv.

Bad thing #1:
I found a state business form thingy that was due yesterday.

Bad thing #2:
My iguana is ill and it makes my heart hurt to share this room with her and look over and see her nose every minute.

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