Sunday, July 15, 2007

New Big and new Small

Change is in the air. In lots of different forms. Feels like things are realigning and setting up for something.
I've been quit from smoking for 3 months. I'm now trying to quit drinking. Too much beer lately methinks.
My lizard of 14 years doesn't look very healthy and I'm not really willing to take her to the vet at this point.
My cat of 14 years is ill and might have to be put down tomorrow. We'll see what the vet says.
My husband is very nearly finished with the travel portion of his job (one month to go, yay!)
My boss is discussing moving away next year for a 12 month sabbatical.
I'm becoming more open to the idea of what the house my husband and I will build can be. As long as certain basic features are in place, I can make the rest comfortable.
And a little thing, but I'll throw it in; I found a new fragrant lotion that I love. I mention that because I have a strong olfactory/memory connection and it's interesting that I'm now creating a new neural pathway with this scent.

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