Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Smell your house

You know how you sometimes go into other people's houses and their house has a distinct smell personality? And it's not really any one thing you can put your finger on. Maybe it's a house of incense junkies and it's easy to figure out; but usually it's just what it is and there's no duplicating it.
I've always wondered what my house smell is because, as I think is true for most of us, including the incense junkies, it's hard to smell your own home's smell profile.
Well today I figured out how to do it.

Step #1: Get together a box of books that's been sitting around in your house for a long while. Make sure these are books you don't mind getting hot and buckled.

Step #2: Wait for a really hot day.

Step #3: Put the box of books in your car and roll up the windows. Let the books bake in there for about four hours.

Step #4: Smell the books. There it is!

My house smells a bit granny-like, but with a touch of old cigarette smoke. Weird.

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