Sunday, May 06, 2007

The ugly truth

My husband is really good at saying things to his parents that they don't want to hear. For example, he frequently will launch into harsh religious or political debate with them, so much so, that for a time we were excluded from family gatherings.
I have to admit I respect his tenacity and fearlessness, even if it makes me uncomfortable at times.

Although I live a life that I imagine my parents would be in agreement with, I find myself hiding certain things from them. Smoking for instance.
Both of my parents smoked multiple packs of cigarettes per day when I was growing up. At some point they were both able to quit. So it's not like they wouldn't understand or have good advice.

I took up smoking at age 33, oddly enough, and I just can't bring myself to admit this to my folks. I'm sure my mom knows. Just not how much or for how long. We don't talk about it. Strange huh?

Anyway, I have to work all day with my mother today at the antique mall and I'm wondering what will I do when I need to take a smoke break. I'm out of nicotine patches.

My husband says to just tell her I'm taking a smoke break.

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