Thursday, January 04, 2007

This is a worrisome trend

As a seller of second-hand children's books, I like to stock my shelves with books from my childhood as well as highly-regarded books from all decades. The heroines of most books I carry and remember reading are generally normal teen-aged girls. There's Harriet the Spy, Nancy Drew, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Lenore from Girl of the Limberlost, Ramona, Trixie Belden. These girls all had plucky personalities, and a sense of adventure. The girls from Judy Blume novels fretted over getting their first period or finding their first romantic relationship.
And sure, there's always been fluff along the lines of Sweet Valley High, but those stories were harmless enough accounts of proms, dates and summer vacations.

According to Naomi Wolf, however, normal teen-aged heroines are quickly becoming a thing of the past.



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Sorry about that. I think I fixed it.

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i'm still not getting it.

i wanna read about the wild things, man!

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ooh! got it. thanks.

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ok, if i insist on crapping up your comment box, i might as well say something.

i'd like to be really shocked and dismayed at the whole thing (and i guess the dismay sticks to the ribs pretty effectively), but i can't say i'm surprised that they figured out how to turn laguna beach into teen reads, Cinemax After Dark style.

but when your 10-year-old niece can already craft a wee story...

(not that it approximates the spirit in these books, of course.)