Wednesday, January 31, 2007

In which I take a cat for a drive

Well this morning sucked. I caught the brother of the sick girl, crated him and drove him to the vet at 8:30. I mainly wanted to first find out their rates and what the difference was between how they euthanized and how the Humane Society would do it.

The vet charges about 75.00 freaking dollars. I think they look at it more as a funeral parlor/bereavement services thing. I can't do that.

The vet told me that the animal shelter did the same IV treatment. I said I'd go there.
So I drive all the way to Sutherland only to find out that they don't open until 11:00.
I have to be at work at 10:30, so no go. I drive the poor little guy all the way back home (he didn't make a peep the whole trip) and now he's waiting in the crate on the front porch with a blanket over the cage to keep the chill out.

Three hours in the crate.

Doesn't the animal shelter understand that the best time to catch a stray is at breakfast, which is usually around 7:30-8:30? And that most people have to go to work early in the morning?

They should have at least two days a week at which they open at 8:00.

My husband is going to drive him over at 11:00.

And that will be one down.


jon said...

The animal shelter stays open late every day (weekday?) for "new adoption training" or something. But it frustrates me that you can't call animal control after five. I'm never home during regular business hours.

This is a horrible saga your recounting. I thought about it all the way home yesterday.

I guess you won out on the vet vs gun?

firstimpressionist said...

Well, not exactly vet, but same procedure and it's free.

The vet assured me that the shelter uses an I.V. too.