Tuesday, January 23, 2007


So the little stray kitty was diagnosed with herpes. It took me a month to catch her to have her checked out. I kept her at the vet a week (and thank you Asheville Hwy. Animal Clinic for only charging me for two days), and have now moved her into our outdoor "recovery" cage. She should be ok in a week, but then she'll be scheduled for a spay and more recovery time.

In the meantime, my oldest outdoor cat has a chronic mouth infection. The vet said that a dental cleaning would make the medicine I give him more effective. I took him in for the dental, but since his mouth is again raging, he has to be confined and medicated for a week.

So I can't house them together because the girl takes her medicine in her food and I wouldn't be able to know who ate what.
I came up with the idea of making the screened in front porch a temporary home for the older cat.

Thank god my husband is out of town, because this kind of stuff would drive him nuts.
It kind of drives me nuts too, but just a few weeks and everyone should be ready to go 'til the next affliction.

I've noticed that about half of the feral cats have disappeared lately. The last two nights I've only had four of ten show up. I wonder what's up.

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