Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The hidden costs of home ownership...if you're a sap like me

I've been managing a cat feral colony of about 10-12 cats for the last couple of years. Today I finally, after a month of trying, caught one of the youngest girls, who has a really nasty respiratory bug. She's been sneezy and her eyes practically swollen shut for weeks now.

It's been hard leaving for work each morning, not being able to catch her and do something for her. Especially with the weather about to turn. So yay!

But boo for the big bucks this will cost; tests, sedation, treatment and finally spaying if she doesn't have something fatal.

This is the last girl to be fixed, so at least I've stablized the birth-givers.
I think there's going to be a free spay/neuter clinic in February, so I'm hoping to take a bunch of the boys in and save some money.

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