Monday, December 04, 2006

In which "Hello Rock" pays for new threads

I'm sure I've said this before at some point, but I love thrift shops. I get about 70% of my clothes second-hand as well as most of my textiles (blankets, curtains etc..). My strategy is to hit the book section first. If I find some good books to resell, then I give myself permission to look around and pick out a few things for myself. Almost every time, I can come out with books that surpass the cost of any clothes or household items that I bought.

Today I went to an antique shop and a thrift shop, spent 25.00 on 160.00 worth of books and spent 30.00 on 7 nice shirts for my husband. So 55.00 spent and 105.00 profit potential.

I've been doing this for so long now, that it's really weird and uncomfortable for me to buy new things from department stores. I'm so used to that sense of a built-in rebate on every purchase. Plus, if you don't end up liking the clothes as much as you thought you might, you're only out 2-3.00 per garment.

I'm still smarting from an indulgent new dress purchase from a few months back. I bought the last one they had at the mall; too big. I return it, order my size online and pay way too much for shipping. I get the dress and the first day I wear it, it rips up the back and can't be repaired. It's just not worth it.

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