Thursday, December 07, 2006


Last night I went out drinking with some friends. So apparently there are these things called laws that can really screw your night up when enforced.
My friend's driver's license was expired. He's 31. It clearly states that on the license. But a bartender can't serve a person with an expired license.
So another friend at the table orders a beer and gives it to him. He hadn't even taken a sip, when the waitress comes over and takes his beer away. So not only can't you purchase the alcohol, but you're not allowed to drink it either. Despite being old enough and being able to prove it.
My friend doesn't own a car and doesn't need his license to drive these days, but he has to keep it current so that he can drink a beer?
I've given it some thought and I guess basically it boils down to blackmail by the state. You don't pay your fees and they whittle away your privileges. I can see that the state would want an updated photo every 10 years or so, but that's about it.
I still can't believe the waitress took the beer out of his hand.

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