Monday, December 18, 2006

Basic necessities

I mentioned recently that I buy as much as I can from secondhand shops. It just makes good sense and saves me a bundle of money. Or rather helps me hang onto more of my money for other things.

I came across this article today:

I'm really surprised at the backlash to which they're being subjected. "Un-American"?
As if to say that what defines us as Americans is our love of spending?

The article also briefly makes reference to Judith Levine, author of "Not Buying It: My Year Without Shopping". She and her husband went an entire year without spending money on anything they didn't absolutely need. They made a pre-agreed list of must-haves and don't-really-needs. No restaurants, no movies...I think they did allow wine on their list, but only if they made it themselves. They said it was really hard, but incredibly rewarding, both emotionally and financially. Judith claims she was able to pay off an $8,000 credit card bill and put money in savings.

I wouldn't want to go that far, but I do think spending less money on impulses is a great idea.
On another note, I wonder how many of today's marriages could survive a year with no distractions?

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jonathan hickman said...

I wonder how they decided what they absolutely needed. Speaking of marriages, I wonder how many would survive just making that list.