Thursday, December 14, 2006

Good news/ Bad news

The good news is that the scary pecan tree has been turned into non-threatening yard art. And the price was very reasonable. Less than half of my first quote.

The bad news. I wasn't home to supervise and because my husband was feeling magnanimous, he allowed the guys to A) leave the remaining tree taller than I wanted, B) told the guys we'd clean up the scattering of debris in the yard, and C) let them off the hook for denting a part of the chain link fence.

None of it is a big deal, but just more stuff we have to take care of now.

I wanted the tree shorter, because in the past when I've had trees taken down to stumps, they keep sprouting stuff, trying to become a tree again and I have to keep them trimmed down. I can't really work with a 20 foot tall trunk. Maybe if I whitewash it? My husband thinks copper nails might work. Is that true? Kind of like an IUD for a tree?

It's foggy out there, so the photo is not that great. That's actually a pine tree behind the trunk, making it look like one tree. The pecan is the silhouette.

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