Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Turn it down

I sometimes think I'm hyper-sensitive to noise. I experience a lot of sounds almost like a physical assault on my senses. Today was bad. Started out as usual with the dump trucks down the road. They make a sound as if a giant had picked up the truck and was bashing it against the ground repeatedly.
Once I got to work, the used car lot across the street (3 lanes away and on a hill) broadcasted some tinny radio station so loud that I could hear it at the front desk of the store.
Kids pulled up to the music store next door all day long vibrating the windows and pounding on my brain with their absurdly over-amped cars.

My co-worker has been making his way through a stack of vinyl as he packages the mail. This week I've been treated to The Who, Cat Stevens, The entire Woodstock collection, and Bob Seeger. It clashes with whatever music is playing on the main floor and tangles in my head.

My husband came by to take me out to lunch and the restaurant we chose was broadcasting a soft-rock station going way too far with a series of really awful pop-star Christmas remakes. Then an employee starts vacuuming with a really loud whiny vacuum cleaner for nearly the whole meal. When he approached our table, we asked him to wait until we were done, but he just said "Just one minute" and proceeded to vacuum under our feet and all around our table for like five minutes. Who does that?

Nice to be home now with my chosen noises; washing machine, animals puttering around the house, House M.D. with muted commercials.

A weird side note though. I cannot hear people on the phone at work. Our phones have a bit of a whine or buzz, but I seem to be the only person there who can't understand what people are saying on the phone. Especially when my husband calls. I have to ask him to repeat everything and I still wonder how much of the conversation I missed. Is it me or the phones?


jon said...

House was good.

And I have to mute the commercials, too.

I wonder what restaurant you went to. I'm guessing its initials are RT's.

firstimpressionist said...

Szechuan Garden. There really isn't a whole lot to choose from south of the river. Frussies is great, but you have to catch him before three or when he's in town. And there's only so much greek food you can consume in a week.

Why does every yodeling Celine Dion or Mariah Carey think that they need to put their own particular spin on Little Drummer Boy? It's excruciating.

jon said...

I always heard that Szechuan was good, but I've never been there. Your only choices south of the river are spare, it's true. I'd go downtown if I were you.

Katie really likes all things Christmas, including the bad music. *shudder*