Friday, November 10, 2006

No more Newport

Sad news.
My husband and I have been officially banned from his parent's family gatherings.
As if atheism was contagious.
I'm not an atheist, but I am anti organized religion. I'm not at all vocal about it. It's just the way I feel.
My husband is vocal about his beliefs. And there it is and here we are.
His parents are lovely people by the way. I adore his mother and have a good relationship with her. His dad doesn't talk much, but we get along.
It's gonna be weird now.
Guess I'll be halving that recipe for broccoli casserole.


jonathan hickman said...

That sucks.

A few years ago I got into a screaming match at tgiving with my (at the time) father-in-law, who apparently thought gay people were "abominations."

But they didn't kick me out.

firstimpressionist said...

We are still allowed to visit when there's no company. But apparently we have the potential of being embarrassments to the Cocke County evangelical population.
Interestingly, the debate window is still open. His mother is giving us a video to watch and my husband is scrambling to get his talking points in order.
What's most ironic in all this is that they're both doing this out of love for the other. They each want to protect the other from what they see as a danger. And that love is now driving them apart.