Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Meth lab?

Ok, so when I shopped for a house 6 year ago, I was single and earning less. I came up with a list of must-haves and a budget and after a year or so of searching, found my house. On the plus side, I got all of the features on my list, but on the negative, it ain't the greatest house or neighborhood. I can ignore some of the trashiness of the neighborhood because our lot is an acre and actually quite private. I'm rarely bothered by any supposed untoward activities going on, and actually can't think of any that I know of.

When I first moved in, the house next door was rented to a small family who I think moved out after about a year. Since then, the house has been vacant. It hasn't bothered me because as it turns out, the emptiness has actually given my property that much more privacy and quiet.

Tonight though, when my husband came home, he noticed a strong chemical odor when he got out of his car. He didn't think too much of it, but later when he was walking the dogs in the backyard, he noticed a couple of guys carrying things either into or out of the rear of the abandoned house next door.
He calls me at work, asking me if I think we should call the police. I hate trouble, but what other options do we have?

I have a good friend at the police department and we called him to investigate.
He left us a message tonight that he had a crew check it out and he'd stop by the bookstore in the morning to tell me what they know.
We also called the owners of the house and they said that no one has been authorized to enter the house.
At the very least, we know something illegal is/was going on.
I hope this is all resolved without us having to live our lives in a more paranoid fashion.
I've never had any problems around here before and I certainly don't want anything to start now.

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jonathan hickman said...

Oh fun.

Have you heard back from the police?