Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Booker Books Part Two

Ok, so as of a previous post, I had begun the first of a Man Booker finalist and looked forward to reading the others, hoping to cast my private vote for which book should get the prize.

I got off track due to a road trip, birthday stuff, and various other no good reasons and just finished that first book last night. My feelings about the book, "Carry Me Down", were mixed. I enjoyed the story and the unique voice of the author, but overall, I felt it lacked that special something that would garner an award.

I tried not to be listening to NPR today at five when the winner was announced, thinking that I could still stick to my original goal and try to see if I picked the same winner, but dangit, I was packaging a book by the radio when they made the announcement.

So now I have five other books to read. Not sure who I'm going to pick next. I love Sarah Waters, but I might just delve right into the winning novel "The Inheritance of Loss" by Kiran Desai.
An odd aside, Kiran Desai is the youngest Booker Prize winner at age 35 and her mother has been a three time finalist for the prize.

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