Thursday, October 19, 2006

Estate Sale Part Two

Yay! We did 2150.00 the first day. Two days to go and lots of stuff left.

One thing that going through an experience like this will demonstrate to you is the ridiculousness of 'stuff'. I kind of got over the need to accumulate years ago just from observing my parents. Their house is insanely stuffed with trifles. Nice trifles to be sure, but when you can barely fit a pencil into any drawer in the house, you have a problem.

I've gradually thrown my own excess away with each move and while I still have too much stuff, it's much more manageable.

My stuff these days is mostly comprised of the accessories to unrealized goals. Paints and brushes, jewelry making supplies, bookbinding supplies, gardening accessories, embroidery kits, tools, scrap lumber, etc...

But the woman whose house I'm dispersing did this too. It makes me wonder how many of her creative goals she met while alive. So what am I waiting for? Should I just jettison all this stuff of mine? Will I ever actually carve out the time to sit down and complete a project? Which is more valuable; the extra space or the comfort these things bring me?

One reason to hang on a little longer: being constantly surprised at my spouse's spur of the moment "projects". I came home the other night and he had constructed a bin for our firewood out of some of the scraps I had stored. Another time he might use all the extra cable and electrical thingamajigs to suddenly wire every electrical device in our house to a single switch. Who knows? It's cool. I like having someone around who delves into my stash to make something sudden and wonderful.

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