Sunday, February 03, 2008

Generation Me, now with history!

With all the parents out there blogging about their parenting lives, I wonder sociologically/psychologically speaking, how that is going to affect/shape the perspectives of their kids?
It's pretty fascinating to think about.

How many of us 35+ year olds can boast of having some kind of historical play by play access to our parent's thoughts regarding our developement and behavior?
Most baby books abandon record-keeping at age 7, and even then, only record specific accomplishments; first tooth, first doctor visit, school picture, etc..

There are so many things a person experiences growing up and much of it is forgotten. It's nice to think that current and future generations can do a web search and re-experience an innocuous afternoon outing, a particular Halloween, an afternoon movie, shopping for school clothes etc...and as an added bonus, see themselves through their parent's perspective whether it be one of annoyance or amusement. I think being able to see the love behind each post will be reassuring as well.

I really believe on the whole, it will help a lot of kids as they are trying to figure themselves out, appreciate many valuable aspects to their personalities that are typically easy to forget or overlook. The blog-journal is a kind of proof of the child's value somehow that stands on its own regardless of the changing relationship between parent and child.

Being able to re-read old blogs, I imagine, would also be a great comfort as a child becomes a parent him or herself for the first time. The adult child can, to some degree, discard the archetypes and see the parent as a real person going through similar challenges, but with the added bonus of knowing that the story turned out fine.

I'm not a parent, nor do I have an desire to be, but I am envious of this generation's archives.


Appalachian Feminist Breeder said...

thanks for your shout-out to the parenting blogger community.

scribbler said...

oh man... i can't even tell you how many times I've thought about this... great insight. :)