Saturday, February 02, 2008

Mardi Growl blog

There's a fund-raising dog parade downtown today with a Mardi Gras theme and due to various folks' disinterest or unavailability, I've been nominated to give out the award for "Finest Unofficial Nekkid Dog".

I'm probably the world's worst ad-libber, so I've enlisted my sister and her kids to help me out. She can be the voice if any cameras are involved and my niece and nephew can choose the winner (who's gonna argue with a cute kid, right?).

My friend in Delaware and her husband made the hilarious trophy; Alpo and Mighty Dog cans as the base and a upright dogbone and rubber ball on top to symbolize the sunsphere. There's also an engraved tag for the winner's collar and a frisbee.
I don't think the owners of the nekkid dogs know that there is a trophy involved, so it should be low-key.


27 degrees for the start of the parade. Very chilly. My husband woke up early and came along with our second dog. We met up with my sister and her kids. The first annual parade was a huge success! About 500 dogs were registered to walk. The money goes to a local animal shelter, so we are super happy.

I feel like I botched the selection process for the Nekkid Dog award. I had all the Nekkid Dogs gather in the park and I stood there with my posse and deliberated. We didn't really reach an official concensus (there were soooo many super cute dogs), but I had two of my posse finger the gorgeous husky and I pounced on the decision.

His name was Eiger. Very impressive dog.

All in all, the parade was a hit. I look forward to seeing it grow(L) in the coming years.


Appalachian Feminist Breeder said...

sounds like a blast! if willie was in town (he is with bio-dad this weekend) we would have surely gone. instead, sat. morning found me slurping down bloody marys at bistro brunch.

Anonymous said...

Aw, yeah, I saw that big husky. He definitely was a looker, even nekkid! I hope someone posts pics of the royal court somewhere; we didn't get to stay, our border collie was a little too tired and nervous.

It was a great parade. I couldn't believe the great turnout! Our family all had fun, including our pooch! (Well,until he got tired anyway.)